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New Semi-Synthetic Metal Removal Fluid Delivers Breakthrough Performance and Reduced Environmental Impact

Houghton International has launched a new semi-synthetic metal removal fluid platform based on a new technology for machining and grinding that provides significant performance and environmental benefits. HOCUT 4440 is the first product to be introduced from the new platform, delivering a cutting edge metal working fluid for automotive, general machining and grinding applications.

Houghton's new semi-synthetic platform delivers breakthrough performance in all important criteria for water miscible metal removal fluids:

The new semi-synthetic platform also has an excellent EHS profile. It is free of boron, formaldehyde releasing agents, secondary amines, chlorine, phenols, and nitrites.

HOCUT 4440, the first product introduced from the new platform, is formulated for the automotive and general machining and grinding markets for use on ferrous metals such as cast iron, ductile iron, and steels. Extensive field testing has also shown HOCUT 4440 to provide excellent cooling for titanium grinding operations.

"We are pleased to introduce this new platform for advanced metal removal fluids that provide a step-change in operating performance as well as reduced environmental impact," said Dave Slinkman, Houghton Senior Vice President, Global Research and Technology. "This new technology will support higher productivity, lower cost of operations and EHS compliance across a wide range of industries, starting with HOCUT 4440 for the automotive and related industries."

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