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Radically Designed "Twin Turret" Machine Offers Highly Stiff, Thermally Stable Foundation for Wide Range of Processes

The new Cranfield Precision TTG machine is a radically new concept. While conventional machine tool platforms use stacked linear axes as the primary motion control system, the Cranfield Precision range coordinates two rotary axes and a short linear axis in a 'Twin Turret' design. It uses a unique (and patented) combination of rotary and linear axes to produce relative motion (both position and angle) between tool and workpiece over a swept working area.

Compared to conventional machines, the Cranfield Precision platform offers two main advantages:

Stiffness: the new machine base is effectively two rotary, highly damped hydrostatic bearings that resist machining forces.

Thermal stability: the 'Twin Turret' design enables a simple non-contacting labyrinth seal, making the machine base almost immune to distortions. These are usually caused by the heat generated from constantly changing coolant return path as the grinding wheel carriage moves along the linear axis.

Versatile Equipment

This design provides a common platform for multiple machine configurations and processes, including O/D grinding, I/D grinding, profile grinding, milling, polishing, hard turning, diamond turning dicing and in-situ metrology.

The machine is supplied in two sizes: TTG100 and TTG400 for up to Ø100mm and Ø400mm components respectively.

A Design Meeting the Requirements of Precision Industries

The trend towards superabrasives demands a highly stiff and thermally stable machine geometry. The new design of this Cranfield Precision machine responds to the needs of the most demanding applications looking for extreme accuracy in their grinding processes:

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