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"Zoom" Fiber Laser Cuts Operating Costs Up to 80%

The new eX-F Series fiber laser combines the best of both worlds: the top notch construction of the popular eX Series CO2 lasers and the power and reliability of Mitsubishi's finest fiber resonator.

In testing, the eX-F has demonstrated significant advantages over conventional CO2 lasers in medium- and thick-plate processing in terms of time and cost. Non-process times are also cut in half with simultaneous nozzle cleaning, height sensor calibration, nozzle changing and gas purge.

Operating costs are cut dramatically, 70-80 percent, when compared to conventional CO2 and even more when available ECO Mode is activated. Powerful controls with standard features like automatic focusing, two-action processing, simple nesting and program editing make it easy to use for the operator.

The NX-F Series Fiber Laser

Mitsubishi's NX-F series offers the most sophisticated control and maximized cutting capacity. The system's z-axis linear drive, preset autofocus and safety cover all come standard. Cost-friendly ECO Mode reduces standby costs by up to 70 percent while Power Control system provides power stability of +/- 1 percent.

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