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New Tool Grinder Ideal for Large Tools and Long Batch Grinding

Rollomatic has introduced two new options on its CNC 5-axis tool grinding machine that will allow production grinding at high efficiency of rotary carbide cutting tools up to 20 mm (3/4") as well as increased automatic loading capacity.

In addition, Rollomatic offers new software on its pinch/peel grinding machine for non-round precision punches.

GrindSmart 529XW 5-axis Tool Grinding with 6-station wheel/nozzle changer: The machine features a "synchronous" grinding spindle with new technology that allows higher torque and better surface finishes. In addition, the loader capacity has been increased to accommodate 50 percent more blanks. The Probe-Manager assists in keeping close tolerances by in-process gaging.

ShapeSmart NP5 5-axis Peel/Pinch Grinding Machine: For form punches, the new technology is based on the proven pinch and peel grinding process that facilitates the simultaneous engagement of a roughing wheel and a finishing wheel. Additionally, it allows synchronized interpolation between the longitudinal and transversal axes in relation to the shape of the tool for peel grinding or triangular, square, eccentric or any other shape.

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