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Latest Waterjet Pump Offers 75,000 psi and 40% Reduced Operating Costs

Available in 50hp and 100hp models, Jet Edge's X-Stream waterjet pumps support continuous operating pressures of 75,000 psi (5200 bar) for precision waterjet and abrasivejet cutting applications.

Compared to a 60,000 psi (4100 bar) water jet pump, typical operating pressures of 75,000 psi use 30 percent less water, 30 percent less power, and up to 50 percent less abrasive, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in operating costs.

Jet Edge is a leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet systems and pumps, including CNC motion systems, waterjetting tools and electric and diesel-powered waterjet pumps. Jet Edge waterjets are manufactured in the U.S. and sold worldwide.

Jet Edge will be exhibiting at the 9th China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2016 (CCMT) April 11-16 in Shanghai, China.

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