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Special Grinding Wheel Assists in Producing Bone Fragments for Surgical Grafting

Briney Tooling Systems is well-known for its custom and special toolholder design and build capabilities. The company has a special design team in place that works daily with customers to design and build the special tools needed for a wide array of applications.

Recently, Briney worked closely with a leading medical manufacturer to develop a special HSK50E balanceable grinding wheel arbor.

The arbor required a special anti-bacterial/viral chrome plating to comply with the demanding requirements of ISO 13485 for medical OEM's and contract manufacturers. The arbor is being used on a special precision CNC grinding machine that shapes bone fragments for sophisticated surgical grafting.

Briney was able to design, produce, and deliver the arbor in six weeks because of its comprehensive in-house CNC turning and grinding capabilities, including in-plant heat treatment where the control of the carburizing and hardening process insures that all tools have.050 minimum case depth to maximize tool life and reduce distortion.

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