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World's Highest Precision Camera-Based 3D Measurement System

Imetrum has launched a new precision, non-contact 3D measurement system. The Imetrum 3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT) slashes setup times and provides richer data sets, without compromising measurement resolution or sampling speed.

Pre-launch product demonstrations at world-leading universities and motorsport companies have already led to several system orders and glowing feedback from engineers working with composite materials and aerospace alloys, with comments such as "we're seeing things we couldn't measure before" and "cut our setup time from 3 days to half a day."

The 3D PDT uses pre-calibrated stereoscopic video cameras, combined with Imetrum's patented Video Gauge™ software, to deliver precise non-contact measurements on any point that can be seen within the image. The 3D PDT eliminates the need to build frames for displacement sensors, bond strain gauges, run cabling or get too close to 'hot' objects, saving time and improving the safety of test environments.

Adding the capability to take 3D displacement measurements at up to 0.5 µm resolution gives Imetrum's customers a wider range of opportunities to benefit from the precision, real-time measurement speed (up to 1000hz) and efficient workflows of sophisticated Video Gauge™ software.

Commenting on the system, Brian Lever, Sales Manager at Imetrum says: "Non-contact measurement systems, including the 3D PDT and our video extensometers, are ideal for use in exacting market areas such as aerospace, automotive, defense, oil & gas, energy, R&D and high technology motorsport, where highly accurate measurements directly traceable to national standards are critical for their materials, component or sub-assembly development. With Video Gauge™, the industry has the opportunity for real time, accurate and in-depth analysis that can be reviewed in detail many times over, without the need to repeat the test."

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