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New Insert Geometries Increase Your Ability to Process Hardened Steels, Cast Irons, and Superalloys

Seco has increased the application range of its wear-resistant TH1000 and TH1500 turning insert grades by adding new positive and negative geometries, chip breakers and nose radius sizes to the line. The additions allow manufacturers that process hardened steels, superalloys and cast irons to further increase their machining capabilities.

With its reliable edge toughness and high chip resistance qualities available across a broader product range, the TH1000 TiSiN-TiAlN nanolaminate PVD-coated grade enables manufacturers to productively tackle a wider variety of ISO H5-H10 applications as well as maintain long tool life when machining hardened steels, from 50 to 62 HRC, hard surfaced components and superalloy materials.

TH1000 excels in finishing operations and performing interrupted cuts in harden steels. With respect to machining superalloys, such as Inconel 718, Waspaloy and Nimonic C263, the grade brings fast cutting speeds to continuous finishing and semi-finishing operations. Furthermore, the latest TH1000 chipbreaker inserts bring optimum chip control and high process security to a broader working range.

Perfect for processing hardened steels, from 40 to 55 HRC, the Duratomic® TH1500 grade, through its product expansion, allows manufacturers to excel in an increased number of ISO H10-H15 applications that require high cutting data and continuous-cut operations. TH1500 also provides superior finish turning of grey and ductile cast irons in applications with low-to-moderate cutting speeds.

Furthermore, because of its advanced grade profile, TH1500 makes a great alternative to CBN and ceramic cutting tools in situations that involve machining hardened steel workpieces in unstable conditions.

Overall, the new additions to the TH1000 and TH1500 product lines significantly increase the number of optimal turning solutions available to parts manufacturers serving the aerospace, automotive and energy industry segments.

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