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New Spherical Ball Nose System Provides Truly Indexable Finishing Inserts, Allows for Longest Unattended Runs

Truly indexable finishing inserts have arrived with the new EDGE²® Spherical Ball Nose (SBN) system from DAPRA Corporation.

SBN inserts feature two usable cutting edges, delivering both cost savings and the highest-quality finishes. Thicker carbide construction provides better heat and stress absorption, and outstanding insert life allows for the longest unattended finishing runs -- with superior surface finishes created by an improved grinding process. The SBN series is also excellent for tip-cutting, 3D profiling, semi-finishing and light roughing.

Fully thru-hardened SBN cutter bodies provide optimum strength and longevity. High accuracy and centrality ensure minimal runout to provide the best finishes and tool life, and a close-tolerance insert pocket produced by EDM removes less body material for improved insert support. Solid carbide and carbide core cutter bodies are available, as are screw-on modular heads and modular extensions.

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