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Revolutionary Sensor and Latest Robot Technology Bring Automated 3D Scanning to Plant Floor

Perceptron already delivers fully automated dimensional inspection and gaging solutions to the manufacturing-floor using traditional industrial robots for both in-line and near-line applications. Now, with its AUTOSCAN COLLABORATE-GAGE™ and AUTOSCAN COLLABORATIVE-CMM™ metrology solutions, Perceptron harnesses its HELIX smart sensor, and shop-hardened VECTOR® analysis software with the very latest Collaborative Robot technology.

The Collaborative Robot is designed to allow direct interaction with a production operator within a shared collaborative workspace where the robot and operator can perform tasks simultaneously during manufacturing operations and negates the requirement for the traditional robot safety fences.

The AUTOSCAN self-teach programming capability allows the robot to be programmed fast without the needs for off-line software tools; each robot position being self-taught by manually dragging the robot to the next required component scan position.

All robot moves are automatically written to the part inspection program, allowing subsequent parts to be inspected automatically. AUTOSCAN captures a 3D digital representation of the part and reports complex form and surface deviations relative to the part CAD model together with discrete information for critical features such as holes, slots and studs.

Perception's patented HELIX smart scanning sensor is already used extensively throughout the global automotive industry for in-process laser scanning of car bodies for dimensional stability and gap and flush measurement.

HELIX incorporates MEMS technology and offers the world's first programmable laser scanner. HELIX laser line quantity, density, orientation and scanning volume is complemented by fully user-programmability, eliminating the need to physically move the laser scanner over the part during most inspection tasks.

Component part scanning motion is contained within the HELIX smart scanning sensor, dramatically improving cycle times and accuracy of scanned data. Up to 200 scan lines per feature can be programmed with automatic feature extraction from the generated point cloud dataset, allowing multiple features to be inspected with the robot in a static mode.

The unique HELIX configurable line density allows for scan line intervals programmable down to 0.1mm. The HELIX smart sensor features of programmable scanning volume, laser line number, orientation and density allows bespoke configuration for each specific region of interest on highly detailed, complex parts and permits configurable part scanning optimization.

Proven shop-hardened VECTOR analysis and reporting software is included standard with AUTOSCAN . Vector monitors production quality at most leading automotive plants and can also be configured to provide process anomaly detection.

Perceptron AUTOSCAN Collaborative Metrology user benefits include:

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