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Why Factory Floor Automation Projects Fail

Factivity's John Leibert discusses how not to let that happen. His key advice -- focus on the three Points-of-Integration.

Machine Integration, Machine Monitoring, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Metrics, Paperless or "People-less" factory floor systems are names used to describe a technology that allows production from machines to be passed with little or no operator or clerical intervention to the factory floor MES system. The hope is to improve timeliness of data capture, eliminate the cost associated with recording production data and improve the accuracy of the data captured.

FACTIVITY software can make sense of all factory floor data being collected so you can see how effectively you're using labor time and machine resources and identify areas for making process improvements.



The marketplace today provides a path to successfully implement a totally automated factory floor system but it takes integration at three separate points. The hand-off of integration using internal staff, outside consultants/engineers or software solution providers can be determined for each level. It is best to fully understand these integration points since making the decision on where to apply your internal resources can make a big difference when it comes to making maintenance fixes and/or field upgrades. These three areas are listed below:

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