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New Rapid Drying Metal Process Cleaner Offers Solution to Corrosion, Residue Problems

Engine, transmission and component manufacturers utilizing vacuum drying, air knife drying, or any high impact air drying of parts in their cleaning operations often experience challenges including corrosion, de-wetting, and residue build up.

Vacuum drying and aggressive blow-offs often result in residual pooling and streaking of the cleaner along the flat, machined surfaces of parts. As a result, the residue needs to be removed before the part can be stored, increasing labor costs and greatly decreasing production.

In order to mitigate these manufacturing challenges, Quaker Chemical Corporation has developed QUAKERCLEAN® 680 VDA, a new fast drying process cleaner which delivers a consistent, imperceptible film that protects against corrosion.

Excellent for any application that requires minimal residue after the final wash process, QUAKERCLEAN® 680 VDA cleans and protects ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces in a single processing step, simplifying operations and keeping inventory costs low.

QUAKERCLEAN® 680 VDA Highlights:

"With its unique cleaning, rapid drying, thin imperceptible film and corrosion preventive characteristics, QUAKERCLEAN® 680 VDA is quickly gaining notoriety among many users in the metalworking industry," stated Daryl Adams, Lead Product Manager.

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