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New Software Simplifies Operation of Renishaw's Calibration Systems

Renishaw has introduced a new free software suite for Renishaw calibration systems. The suite includes Capture and Explore, which provide data capture and analysis for the XL-80 laser interferometer system. The XL-80 laser interferometer offers the ultimate in high performance measurement and calibration for motion systems, including CMM's and machine tools.

CARTO release 1.1 supports linear, angular and straightness measurement with a choice of keypress, position and remote (TPin) triggering. CARTO features a new database system which automatically stores and organizes data for the user, simplifying operation and allowing users to quickly and easily compare data with historical results.

Capture has been introduced to the CARTO suite as an improved and updated data capture application with the following features:

Explore brings the advances of XCal-View data analysis software to the CARTO suite with the following features:

The intuitive CARTO user interface allows new users to begin capturing and analyzing data quickly, without the need for training or reading lengthy manuals. The capacity for customization throughout the suite means that both Capture and Explore can be tailored to suit an individual user's requirements.

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