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New Punch Press Offers 2 Tooling Options for Fast Tool Change

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. has introduced its new Motorum M2558TS/TS-S punch press.

"The Motorum M2558TS/TS-S punch press is designed with two tooling options," explained Cary Teeple, Sales Manager of Murata's Fabrication business unit. "The M2558TS utilizes Muratec/Wiedemann style push-pull tooling, while the M2558TS-S uses Spring-Style tooling."

Murata Machinery USA's M2558TS incorporates push-pull tooling, which has been in use for over 75 years and provides an economic, competitive edge by keeping tooling costs minimal. The ram, punch holder, and punch are connected to achieve a push-pull action (positive stripping) through the entire punching cycle.

The Spring-Style turret enables M2558TS-S operators to utilize tooling from existing inventory. New, quick-release die holders offer a fast tool-change time with easy-access, single-touch opening of turret covers.

The Motorum M2558TS/TS-S is powered by a servo-electric punch drive system first developed by Murata Machinery in 1994. This technology allows high production speeds with energy-efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs. Its large turret provides more stations for greater flexibility and increased productivity.

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