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New Destacker Delivers Double the Speed to the Automotive Industry

AP&T has produced a new destacker that meets the automotive industry's demand for increasingly rapid production speed. The newly developed destacker can work twice as quickly compared to a conventional destacker, and is intended for use for blanks for large vehicle parts (A-Class) such as doors, ceilings and sides.

"The design was developed to correspond to the automotive industry's high demands for short cycle times. It has also been adapted for careful management of materials including aluminum," says Martin Sahlman, who is the Automation Product Manager at AP&T.

The new destacker, DST-DH, is based on AP&T's service-friendly standard modules and is equipped with double Gantry 200 feeders. The centering tables are equipped with brushes to ensure scratch-free handling. Picking is performed with the assistance of a vacuum. The destacker can be supplemented with a washer and lubrication unit. Since the destacker is module-based, it can be scaled down for use with other applications, such as in the domestic appliance industry.

Facts about the DST-DH Destacker DoubleHead:

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