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New 5-Axis Machining Center Provides High Dynamics and Chip Removal Rates; Ideal for Turning Operations

The recently introduced CP 4000 series horizontal machining centers accomplish horizontal, vertical and tilted turning with A and B axis with high dynamics and chip removal rates. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the 5-axis mill/turning center CP 4000, equipped with PCU 63 swivel head unit and HSK-T 63 spindle taper, has a work area of 800/800/1,045mm (X, Y, Z).

With 44kW power, 242Nm torque and up to 10,000rpm spindle speed, the CP series achieves complex mill/turning operations, highly precise control of speed and acceleration and variable adjustment to achieve workpiece-specific precision and surface finish.

The CP 4000's machine concept is ideal for turning operations, using a fifth axis provided by the tool. Vertical and horizontal turning operations of outer and inner contours can be accomplished with the C axis and optional A and B axis.

Common to all Heller machine tools, the CP 4000 enables highly productive cutting using economically efficient cutting parameters. High cutting performance is achieved due to the extremely stiff swivel-head geometry, torsional stiffness and form fit provided by a spindle locking feature.

When the workpiece must be rotated against the tool, the rotary table with direct torque drive delivers the required power and speeds up to 1,000rpm. To identify imbalances on the workpiece or the rotary table, HELLER developed a machine function which uses internal drive signals to identify even the slightest imbalances on the workpiece, enabling precise centric clamping.

A specially defined user interface supports the operator in correcting imbalances. For turning tools, HELLER additionally offers a standard tool measurement system using tactile sensors. The CP 4000 is typically equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 840 Dsl control.

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