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New Lathe Features 6 CNC Spindles for Up to 22mm Diameter Parts

Designed to supplant cam-controlled multi-spindle lathes up to 22mm bar diameter, the new INDEX MS16 Plus of the INDEX MultiLine series includes six CNC spindles for up to 22mm diameter parts, accomplishing turning, drilling, milling, tapping, deep hole drilling or slotting in each of its six spindle positions. Workpieces are automatically indexed through the six positions, receiving two or more operations at each position. The result is very high production of precision turned workpieces.

The total of 27 NC axes of the MS16 Plus includes 5 NC grooving or boring slides, 5 NC cross-slides, 1 NC cutoff and/or back-boring slide, 6 work spindles, 1 NC synchronous spindle, drum indexing plus an additional 5 free NC axes of possible CNC-controlled auxiliary equipment are controlled by an INDEX C200-4D CNC

The compact INDEX MS16 Plus provides the speed of a cam-controlled machine with the flexibility of CNC technology yet requires no more floor space than a cam-controlled multi-spindle machines. In addition, the MS16 Plus offers exceptionally high ease of setup and more versatile machining options compared to cam-controlled machines.

Each of the six spindle positions can include a highly stable grooving or boring slide with 1 NC axis and a cross-slide with 2 NC axes (X- and Z-axes) that are arranged around each work spindle in a V-shape, allowing easy use of several tools simultaneously on each work spindle.

The NC-controlled synchronous spindle for gripping the workpiece and an NC cutoff and back-boring slide provide optimal conditions for efficient production of turned parts with simple to medium complexity and up to approx. 70mm length.

The speed of each of the six spindles can be controlled separately. Spindle speeds can be varied during cutting for each spindle position and each cutting edge of the tool. Speed changes and positioning of the spindles are possible even during spindle drum indexing, avoiding secondary processing times. Additional advantages include maximum surface quality, short production times per piece, and extended tool life.

For rear end machining, the MS16 Plus is equipped with a synchronous spindle driven by a hollow-shaft motor allowing speeds up to 10,000rpm and which can move 140mm in Z at 30m/min to engage several rear end machining tools on the NC cutoff slide with the X- and Z-axis in succession more quickly. To achieve the shortest cycle times possible, the synchronous spindle accelerates to max. 10,000rpm in less than 0.7s.

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