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Clamping System for Press Brakes Features Self-Locking Mechanism for Extremely Fast Tool Changes

Wila bv of The Netherlands and its US subsidiary Wila USA have introduced a new line of upper and lower New Standard Premium Pneumatic Clamping Systems with patented Self-Locking mechanism for press brakes.

Designed for use with all Wila New Standard® punches and dies, these pneumatic clamping systems use normal shop air pressure. Tool segments are clamped and positioned individually using clamping pins, which are in turn controlled via special self-adjusting wedges. When the wedges are engaged, they become an integral part of the tool and ensure that the tools remain clamped even if there is a loss of air pressure. Clamping is also released pneumatically; thus, no hydraulic oil is needed.

The Pneumatic Clamping Systems with self-locking mechanism clamp and unclamp tools extremely fast, further increasing the speed of tool changes and further increasing press brake productivity. These Self-Locking New Standard Premium Pneumatic Clamping Systems (models NSCL-II-SL/UPB top clamping and OB-II-SL/UPB bottom clamping) are especially well suited for electric press brakes and press brakes with automatic tool change.

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