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Reinforced Indexable Drills Improve Hole Quality and Increase Tool Life By 975%

Sandvik Coromant has launched a reinforced variant of its CoroDrill® 880 indexable drill that will substantially improve production economy in large diameter hole-making applications. The latest CoroDrill 880 tool body is compatible with a range of insert grades, including a grade based on the company's new Zertivo™ technology, which delivers optimized cutting edge integrity.

Representing the latest breakthrough in U-drill evolution, the reinforced CoroDrill 880 features a new enhanced drill body that is up to 30 percent stiffer than its predecessor for applications of four to five times the drill diameter. This gives a more reliable drilling experience and a much better hole quality. In addition, the combination of enhanced drill body and the new Sandvik Coromant grade chain for steel and cast iron results in a considerable improved insert tool life.

In tests, a customer manufacturing slewing rings for the wind power industry tried the new and improved tool body for CoroDrill 880 in application requiring holes of five times the drill diameter. When using the old tool body in 42CrMo4, the hole size decreased over time providing an undersized hole after a period of use. With the new, stronger tool body, CoroDrill 880 produced correctly sized holes for a much longer period of use. In addition, the customer saw a tool life increase of 975 percent.

Two of the insert grades, GC4324 and GC4334, are designed with Inveio™ coating for better wear resistance. The third, GC4344, produced with Zertivo™ technology, provides great edge-line security as a result of optimal coating and substrate adhesion properties.

These three grades complete the full grade chain with solutions for all ISO P and ISO K materials and a large variety of applications:

The new grade positioning is designed to make it easier to select the right grade from the start.

The CoroDrill 880 product range covers hole diameters from 12 to 84 mm (0.472-3.307 inch) off the shelf, as well as engineered solutions up to 129 mm (5.078 inch). The drills produce holes with tolerances of H12-13 and are suitable for holes up to five times the drill diameter.

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