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New Fiber Laser Reduces Processing Time By 44% and Costs Up to 80%

MC Machinery Systems will display an array of laser, press brake and milling machinery, monitoring software, and automation solutions tailored to fabricators at FABTECH 2015. Among the new and updated products debuting at the event are fiber and CO2 laser machines from Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi's new eX-F Series fiber laser combines the best of both worlds: the top notch construction of the popular eX Series CO2 lasers and the power and reliability of a Mitsubishi's finest fiber resonator. The 6kw machine features new ZOOM Head Technology built in to the magnetic head that provides faster processing and the capability to pierce one-inch thick plates.

In testing, the eX-F has demonstrated significant advantages over the conventional Mitsubishi LV-45CF-R CO2 laser in terms of performance and operating cost. Medium- and thick-plate processing times were decreased by 44 percent. Also, non-process times are cut in half with simultaneous nozzle cleaning, height sensor calibration, nozzle changing and gas purge.

Operating costs are reduced 70-80 percent when compared to conventional CO2 and even more when available ECO Mode is turned on. Powerful controls with standard features like automatic focusing, two-action processing simple nesting and program editing make it easy for the operator.

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