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New Mobile Hand-Held Marking Unit Ideal for Low Noise Markings of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)

The model 317 is a powerful and compact mobile marking unit for VIN marking in low volume, pilot or SKD / CKD production. Furthermore it is ideally suited as a back-up or repair unit in high-volume production. The marking area is 120 x 25 mm and it is suitable for double line marking.

The model 317 is the first product of the BORRIES product family that is able to scribe besides stylus and dotpeening marking technology. The scribe marking is in accordance with international standards of the automotive industry in terms of marking depth and font norm.

In addition, the 317 convinces with its relatively low volume. The BORRIES development department managed successfully a low-noise emission from 74 dB(A) when marking a chassis, due to the integrated probing function of the stylus. The high-strength and low-wear scribe stylus is made of a synthetic diamond with an extremely long tool life.

Via quick-change clamping devices in a standardized uptake, the marking unit can be simply integrated and adjusted to the model-specific marking positions.

For controlling the VIN number a double number check or VIN control by Modulo 11 calculation can optionally be carried out. It is also possible to perform a configurable format check of the VIN number for each vehicle type, to double read data with data comparison function to minimize decoding errors or to switch on a soft encoder to safeguard the scribe marking quality.

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