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New Milling Tools Significantly Reduce Cutting Torque, Even With Bilateral Inserts

Sorma has introduced a broad range of new Nikko Tools for milling including solutions based on bilateral inserts and High Feed Milling. Advanced production processes and a careful selection of raw materials combined with the design of new specific cutting geometries allow -- even on the solution based on bilateral inserts -- the significant reduction of cutting torque.

The new Nikko milling systems include:

Moreover, an additional introduction in the Nikko Tools Milling program is the new HF4Plus, a High Feed Milling system allowing a dramatic reduction of machining time and a significant reduction of stress on both tools and machine.

"Starting from the launch of Nikko Tools range," says Giancarlo Galluzzi, CEO of Sorma, the owner of Nikko Tools brand, "we have always been focusing on the development of solutions able to help our customers throughout Europe to increase their productivity, both in terms of greater efficiency of their machining processes and better quality of production. With the new milling systems introduced at EMO 2015 we are sure that we have taken another step in the right direction."

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