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New 5-Axis Hybrid Offers 3D Printing, Turning, and Milling in One Machine

IBARMIA has introduced a new hybrid machine that combines additive manufacturing (AM) and processing (turning and milling), generating final pieces from a 3D design and metallic powder. Laser cladding produces a shape that is very close to the final geometry, which can then be processed in the same machine and setup.

IBARMIA incorporates AM into hybrid machines with bigger working areas and multi-process options in horizontal and vertical chucks, making it the most versatile machine in the market, according to the company.

By incorporating laser cladding capacities in the 5axis multitasking machines, IBARMIA has given birth to the ADD+PROCESS product family. These machines become autonomous production units, generating finished pieces from nothing. The process is applicable to prototype and single piece manufacturing as well as recovery/repair of pieces of high value. The generous working areas of the IBARMIA machines can fit the additive manufacture of pieces of considerable dimension and value.

A 3kW laser source with high material deposition rate is used for the additive process.

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