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5-Axis VMC's Newly Designed Matrix Type Tool Changer Can Load Up to 306 Tools

YASDA's new vertical 5-axis machine, named PX30i, is finally being introduced in Europe at EMO. Originally debuting at IMTS 2014, the Japanese machine tool builder is re-introducing the 5-axis machining center with the concept of high reliability, high productivity and high usability for high precision parts manufacturing.

Proven by FEM analysis, the double column like machine structure contributes to high rigidity and its symmetry helps reducing thermal deformation. All important mounting surfaces such as bed, column, etc. are hand scraped in order to maintain geometry for many years. To realize both dynamic axis movement and high rigidity, ball screws and linear guide ways are employed.

The PX30i is equipped with a newly designed 20,000min-1 BBT40 spindle in a direct drive system connecting motor and spindle cartridge by a coupling. The spindle employs YASDA's preload-self adjusting system allowing heavy duty cutting at low spindle speed and high quality surface finish at high spindle speed. It realizes roughing to finishing by one machine.

The trunnion type tilting rotary table employs a direct drive motor designed to harmonize with the rigidity of the machine frame and speed of linear axes as well as minimize thermal deformation. It is tightly supported from both sides by a large diameter roller bearing and a high-stiffness bearing. With a 185mm pallet, up to 400mm x 315mm size and maximum 80kg of work piece can be loaded.

The biggest features of the PX30i are standard large tools tool changer and large pallet stocker for automatic pallet change. The newly designed matrix type tool changer can load up to 306 tools and a new touch panel helps ease operations. The pallet stocker can store up to 33 pallets, assuring high speed and stable pallet change by servo motor drives.

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