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Next-Generation CMM Ensures Precision Measurement Regardless of Operator or Environment

KEYENCE released the XM Series handheld probe coordinate measuring machine on September 1st, 2015.

Conventional coordinate measuring machines require difficult installation, a controlled environment, and dedicated programmers. The XM Series is easily installed in any environment and allows any operator to perform intuitive 3D measurements with high accuracy.

To overcome various challenges with conventional 3D measurement, the advanced technologies of KEYENCE's optics, image processing, and structural design have been utilized to develop the next-generation of 3D measurement: the XM Series.

Simple Operation

Perform high-precision measurements using an onscreen interactive visual guide and touch probe.

Installation in Any Location

The XM can be implemented in any manufacturing environment due to its portability and robust design. Additionally, operation does not require any foundation or ancillary equipment, and the system's temperature and humidity operating ranges are 50-95° F and 20-80 percent RH respectively.

Easy Programming

No previous CMM programming experience is needed to operate the XM. Simply select desired measurement parameters (elements, GD&T) and measure the target to complete programming. Augmented reality guidance images are created automatically, and measurement points with their 3D elements are visually overlaid.

Sharing Programs and Automatic Data Management

Ensure consistent measurement regardless of operator, environment or other circumstances by sharing programmed work instructions and measurement parameters. All measurement results are automatically recorded and saved.

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