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New Cutting Oil Ideal for Fine Threads, Deep Hole Drilling, and Heavy Duty Screw Machining

Wallover's Wococut 508 is ideally suited for cutting fine threads in small diameter screws, drilling small diameter holes in 306 stainless steel, or doing heavy-duty screw machining.

Research has shown that, when cutting fine threads, burrs are often left on the thread, which require a costly secondary operation to remove. These secondary operations can negatively affect the screw's specification and ultimately create scrap parts.

Wococut 508 utilizes chlorine, active sulfur and synergistic fatty additives to significantly reduce the chance of burrs forming, thereby eliminating the need for the secondary operation. Wococut 508 is versatile and may eliminate the need to use multiple cutting oils in the operation. In addition to producing good threads, this cutting oil also improves tool life.

Wococut 508's very low foaming characteristic solves the foaming problem that typically occurs when high-pressure lubricant systems are used. In some oils, sulfur imparts a strong smell but Wococut 508 has a very mild scent, it is light colored (ASTM 1.0), and has only 2.3 percent VOC. Its viscosity of 100-110 SUS minimizes drag-out and also allows easy chip flushing in deep-hole drilling.

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