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Ultrasonic Cleaner Offers Faster, Greener Cleaning of Larger Components

Ultrasonic LLC introduces the Ultra 3200FA, a full-featured ultrasonic cleaner with 55-gallon main tank capacity and horizontal transducers for superior cleaning action without solvents. These 220V models features an agitation table, dual filtration, a 10-gallon weir tank, sparge bar, and an insulated tank and lid.

The V-bottom design allows for easy cleaning between batches. Side mounted transducers mean there are no "dead spots," so the cleaning action is consistent from top to bottom. With 5040 watts of ultrasonic power, dual 2000 watt heaters, and basket capacity of 27"L x 18.5"W x 5"H, the Ultra 3200FA has the power to quickly clean parts such as bearings, bolts, transmission components, engine parts prior to assembly, and more. In addition to industrial/manufacturing environments, they are ideal for automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, engineering and other industries.

The 3200FA operates from 220V power and draws 30 amps. Compact machine dimensions (52"L x 39"W x 33"H) easily fit into existing shop space with a minimal footprint. Digital touch controls allow easy operation with automatic ultrasonic, agitation and filtration cycles.

A 7-day heat and auxiliary timer allows programming to suit production requirements. Agitation table capacity of 300 pounds is sufficient for large parts or multiple batches of smaller components. An optional dual-basket configuration is available -- allowing smaller baskets (18.5"L x 13.25"W x 5"H) to be processed simultaneously side-by-side, ideal for larger batches of small components or to clean small and large parts together. With a working depth of 14-inches, the Ultra 3200FA includes a 55-gallon main tank and a 10-gallon weir tank.

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