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"All-In-One" Machine Features Single Laser for Sheet and Tube Cutting

BLM GROUP USA, Wixom, MI, has introduced the LC5. The compact LC5, equipped with a fiber laser up to 4.5kW is the only high production machine with automatic loading and unloading that can process both tube and flat sheet in a single machine.

Thanks to its design, switching from tube to sheet is fast, adding the flexibility fabricators need to expand their laser processing capability.

The LC5 can handle bar up to 21 ft. in length and tube to 4.75 in. dia. The processing of sheet metal is fully automatic and allows for sheet up to 5 ft. x 10 ft. The fiber laser is ideal for cutting both mild steel and highly reflective materials such as stainless steel and for aluminum.

The unit is also equipped with an automatic pallet changer and independent controls for both tube and sheet. Further, there are four scrap collection trays for easy scrap management.

The unit features two separate 19 in. touch screen consoles; one on the tube cutting side, one on the sheet side. Optional, for increased automatic production, is one or two sheet storage towers on the loading and unloading side.

The LC5 takes full advantage of the BLM GROUP Enterprise Software solution that incorporates full management of lasers, tube benders, end machining, and cold saws to manage production with real time production feedback. This optional package incorporated with Artube allows for seamless programming and production management.

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