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New IT Convergence Machine Tool Increases Productivity Four-Fold

Hwacheon Group has introduced SMART-Ua, a new product which fuses machine tool technology with IT. SMART-Ua can complete the entire production process including molding with a few touches. It can be operated by anyone who has rudimentary knowledge on machines.

Simplification and automation allow the complex process that includes modeling, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), tool workpiece setting, and processing to be completed with just four button touches.

The 'Ua' in the model name stands for Ultimate Automation. The machine places the workpiece automatically and, if it is not of the correct size, recognizes and replaces the workpiece automatically. When the workpiece setting is complete, eighty tools carry out the processing in turn. The numbers of tools can be expanded to up to 120. The machine can automatically detect and correct an error if there is one and automatically replace any damaged tools, enabling 24-hour unmanned operation.

SMART-Ua also has the advantage of maintaining a clean work environment. Previously, operators had to deal with graphite powder blowing out from the machine tool. SMART-Ua has an enclosed processing area and there is no need to open the door during any operation. Moreover, there is an air curtain fitted inside of the machine and a fine dust absorber at the top section of the door to block off dust. But the most attractive aspect of this machine is the revolutionary improvement of work efficiency.

When performing the same operation, existing machines take six hours of preparation time prior to actual processing, but SMART-Ua only needs 11 minutes to complete the preparation. It reduces the number of personnel needed for operation to a third while doubling the production. Overall, it increases productivity four-fold.

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