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3 Convenient New CNC Functions Make It Easier to Operate Milling and Turning Machines

Siemens has added three new functions to the Sinumerik Operate graphical user interface making it easier to operate milling and turning machines. A new program management system, plain text reading in the high-speed setting cycle, and the new retraction function support operators during standardized turning and milling operations using the Sinumerik 828D compact CNC -- or in high-end applications using the modular Sinumerik 840D sl.

The Sinumerik Operate program manager has been supplemented with a new program management system providing direct access to all connected drives. Users can now work simultaneously on all connected drives and their file structures. In addition, a larger number of different file formats can be displayed than before.

In the powerful cycle package of Sinumerik Operate, the high-speed setting cycle has been simplified by plain text reading for a host of machining methods. This high-speed setting cycle supports machine tool operators in all tool- and mold-making applications by transferring the machining tolerance.

In the new version, machining methods such as roughing, pre-finishing or finishing can be output as plain text, and the orientation tolerance can also be entered. Users only have to specify a few parameters for this purpose.

The new retraction function in Sinumerik Operate now supports users when retracting a tool following an interruption caused, for example, by power failure or NC reset. In JOG mode and in the swiveled machine state with Cycle800 or Traori five-axis transformation, machining can now be continued from the point of interruption following manual recovery.

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