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All-Electric CNC Wire Bending Machine Ideal for Simple to Very Complex Three-Dimensional Bending of Wire

BLM GROUP USA (Wixom, MI) has introduced the E-Flex, a highly versatile CNC bending machine for wire fabrication.

The E-Flex is equipped with two clockwise and counter clockwise bending turrets ideal for three dimensional bending during one part operation, within the same machining cycle. Coil-fed wire is straightened in both a vertical and horizontal orientation to allow for various size and types of wire as well as automatic operation. The process allows for excellent repeatability in most all bending operations.

The E-Flex is best suited to bend wire with very complex shapes and its flexibility allows for short runs as well as high-volume production. Further, the machine automatically corrects the program by searching for prior bends that could interfere with the bending sequence. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments in order to obtain the required parameters. In addition, chamfers can be added for burr-free cuts.

The unit incorporates VGP3D, a 3D visual graphic program for constant monitoring of the machine to assist in performance and operator ease of use. With VGP3D operators can generate a single machining program simply by entering geometric part data, automatically simulate the feasibility of the bending operation, change the running sequence directly in simulation mode and can calculate the real cycle time in advance.

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