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Heavy-Duty Gear Hobbing Machines for Parts with 200mm Diameter and Larger

Koepfer America, L.L.C., introduces the CLC series of heavy-duty, vertical gear hobbing machines to the North American gear manufacturing market. These machines offer a fully customizable solution for the gear hobbing of parts 7.874" (200mm) diameter and larger.

The CLC 200 is rated at 7.874" (200mm) diameter at 4 DP (mn 6.0) with a maximum axial travel of 13.780" (350 mm). Several additional models are available, which provide capability up to 78.740" (2000mm) diameter rated at 0.85 DP (mn 30.0) with up to 39.370" (1000mm) axial travel. This wide range ensures an optimal hobbing solution for large gear markets such as wind energy, oil & gas, truck & tractor, and mining.

All CLC vertical hobbing machines feature a high-speed hob head with ±45° of swivel range. These machines also have standard features such as high-speed, direct-drive torque motors for both the work and cutter spindles, Fanuc 31i CNC control, and optional skiving (carbide re-hobbing) capability with an integrated electronic timing probe.

The CLC series of vertical gear hobbing machines provides North American gear manufacturers a new, yet proven, option for heavy-duty gear hobbing. Finally, these machines can be specially customized as needed to provide customers an optimal solution for their gear manufacturing needs.

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