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First U.S. Installation of Neuromate® Robot Will Aid Broad Range of Neurological Surgeries

Renishaw is applying precision engineering technology to the challenges of functional neurosurgery. Their aim is to help leading clinicians to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of their procedures, improving patient outcomes through accurate delivery of implantable devices.

Their initial range of products are designed to enable surgeons to deliver devices with greater confidence and accuracy relative to targeted brain anatomy.

Prof. Ashwini Sharan using the neuromate robot at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.



Renishaw's first neuromate® frameless Gen II stereotactic robotic system in the U.S. has been installed at the neurosurgery department of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Ashwini D. Sharan, MD, Professor and Director of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College Department of Neurological Surgery, and his colleague Dr. Chengyuan Wu, Consulting Neurosurgeon, have performed the first case using the robotic system for a Stereo-EEG implantation case in epilepsy.

"The newly acquired neuromate system will provide me and my team with a platform for a broad range of stereotactic neurosurgical procedures," said Dr. Sharan. "We are pleased to have a neuromate at our center, as we believe this is only the beginning of an exciting future for robotics in the neurosurgery operating room."

"This installation confirms the trust of a leading US neurosurgical center in the neuromate system and in Renishaw," added Dr. Abed Hammoud, CEO of Renishaw Mayfield SA. "Our clinical and technical support teams will work closely with the neurosurgery team at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, to ensure the seamless integration of the neuromate into their surgical workflow, thus aiding them to provide optimal outcomes for their patients."

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