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New Self-Centering Vise Ideal for Smaller 4 and 5 Axis Mills

5th Axis Inc. has introduced its newest V75100 self-centering 5 axis vise. Designed to be the smallest self-centering vise in the 5th Axis product line, the V75100 offers maximum rigidity and clamping force in a compact package. A version of the device and company were recently profiled on Science Channel's "How It's Made."

The V75100 pumps out 4,000 lbs. of clamping force at 45 ft. lbs. of torque. It provides access to 5 sides of the work piece, featuring a built in 45 degree dovetail, and gripper teeth that bite into stock without the need for a stamping unit.

Built from heat treated steel, the V75100 is milled and precision ground to exacting standards. With a centering accuracy of .0005", it is one of the most precise self-centering vises available.

The removable and reversible master jaws allow for an increased clamping range .05" -- 3.5". The jaws are simple to remove allowing for quick changeover between hard and soft jaws.

When the V75100 was designed, the goal was to have quick and easy alignment features. Two precision threaded shoulder bolts secure and locate the jaws of the V75100. The vise also utilizes a threaded centering hole and two self-centering clocking holes at 30mm.

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