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New 5-Axis VMC Offers Heavy-Duty Cutting and High-Speed Finishing for Aerospace and Die/Mold Applications

Okuma's new MU-6300V vertical machining center is excellent for 5-axis multi-sided machining and well suited for the aerospace and die/mold industries.

This versatile machine is available with a wide array of spindle options, providing a configuration for nearly any 5-axis job. The unique design places the pallet changes at the back of the machine, allowing easy connection to a PALLETACE flexible manufacturing system or pallet pool, delivering high productivity in addition to high accuracy.

The MU-6300V has a highly rigid and accurate double column structure and low center of gravity in workpiece movement (trunnion table) that enables both heavy-duty cutting and high-speed finishing.

The MU-6300V can be equipped with Okuma's exclusive Super-NURBS function, enabling high feed rates and ultra-fine finishes. This reduces the need for hand polishing molds, which increases productivity.

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