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New Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Designed to Handle Large, Dirty Parts

Omegasonics, a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, has introduced the OMG4430, its largest standard unit with a bath size of 40"x30"x30". This unit is designed to easily tackle the cleaning of injection molds and other parts that are large, oily, and/or dirty.

"As companies have come to realize the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning, we have had more and more requests for equipment that will handle larger castings," said Frank Pedeflous, President of Omegasonics. "The OMG4430 meets that need and goes a step further. Its dual-cartridge filtration system traps contaminant particles that have been removed from the parts being cleaned. Filtering the cleaning fluid reduces the frequency with which the tank must be drained and the fluid replaced and reheated -- a task that can take up to several hours."

The OMG4430 utilizes precision ultrasonic technology to accurately and methodically remove all support material from large 3D Fused Deposition Model Printers and other oversized items. It effectively cleans ABS, polycarbonate, polycarbonate-ISO, Nylon 12, and PC-ABS parts, regardless of a part's geometry and complexity.

Fast and easy to use, the OMG4430 is designed with all solid state components, Plug & Play construction, and requires no regular maintenance. A stainless steel parts basket ensures that parts are fully submerged in the ultrasonic bath for maximum cleaning throughout the entire cleaning cycle. Other features include:

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