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New "Stallion" Turning Centers Offer 40HP and 16 Station Turrets

Eurotech has introduced its new Stallion series of CNC turning centers.

The Stallion B1250 and B750 machines share the same turret style and heavy box-way X/Y slides. The B1250 is particularly suitable for the machining of long shafts. This machine features a long bed with a longitudinal stroke of 1310 mm and a sturdy CNC automatic tailstock with a 115 mm hydraulic quill. The B1250 can accept two versions of automatic steady-rests.

The Stallion B750 machines offer a wide range of spindle choices. Available with bar capacity of 2 5/8" up to 4.02", the Eurotech integral motor-spindles are driven by powerful (29.5 to 53.5 HP) and high torque (286 to 1014 Nm) motors.

The Stallion turret, available with 12 or 16 stations, is equipped with the largest milling motor in its class to achieve unparalleled milling capability. With the 16 station turret, Eurotech allows customers to leverage their existing tool holder investment across the widest range of machines. With Eurotech EGS Tooling, up to 128 cutting tools can be achieved on some parts.

The 12 station turret offers an entirely new, much larger set of tool holders to be utilized that can further increase milling rigidity.

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