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New Vise Offers Flexibility and Accuracy of ±0.01mm

The SCHUNK KONTEC KSC centric clamping vise is a multifaceted component that has optimal jaw support for I.D. and O.D. clamping with long base jaw guidance. It can be easily adapted for conventional clamping, short clamping depths for 5-sided machining, mould parts, plates or saw cuts.

The KSC 125 is known for high precision and process reliability. A pre-tensioned and backlash-free center bearing and an extra fitted slide guarantee a repeat accuracy of ±0.01 mm and enable the precise processing of the first and second side in a clamping system. An integrated chip drain and a protected spindle assure maximum process reliability. The centric clamping vise is ideally suited for affordable storage solutions in automated machine tools.

The new vise is available with jaw width of 125 mm with two base body lengths of 160 and 300 mm.

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