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New Line of Vertical Milling Inserts Now Available in Configurations for Threading, Grooving and Chamfering

Carmex's expanded CMT line of vertical milling inserts delivers longer tool life, higher material removal, excellent surface finish, reduced cycle times, and lower cutting forces in materials up to 62 HRc steel.

Featuring a specially ground profile incorporating 4-8 cutting edges and spiral flute design and constructed of MT8 submicron carbide grade with advanced PVD triple coating, Carmex's CMT tools offer high heat resistance and smooth operation in all general-purpose applications.

Jeff Dei, President of Carmex USA, comments, "The new CMT line reflects Carmex's commitment to continuous product improvement. Our new cutters can be used with existing CMT C18 type tool holders and offer significantly improved performance thanks to the carbide grade, the PVD triple coating, and the spiral flute design for smoother cutting.

"Available in a wide range of profiles, including 60° and 55° partial profile for internal and external threading, and ISO and UN full profile for internal threading, we also offer multiple sizes for chamfering, grooving and boring, as well as regular and full radius groove milling."

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