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Continuous Duty Vacuum Recovers Up to 6 Tons of Heavy Materials in an Hour

VAC-U-MAX Model 1020 features a powerful positive displacement pump designed specifically for high volume recovery (up to 6 tons per hour).

It is also used in the recovery of heavy materials including steel shot, foundry sand, metal powders, sludges and other materials of similar nature.

It is available in either 10 or 15 horsepower and its continuous duty vacuum producer makes this vacuum able to meet even the toughest challenge.

In addition to being a very powerful vacuum, its portability makes this unit a versatile tool that can be used almost anywhere. It has large rubber tires along with a unidirectional castor wheel that makes the 1020 easily maneuvered by a single operator.

Noise levels are below OSHSA standard. The Model 1020 comes standard with a secondary cartridge filter, vacuum relief valve and a 40- gallon container. The Model 1020 is approximately 3' X 5' X 5 ½'.

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