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New Vacuum Crossbeam Designed to Handle Heavy Steel Plates

As part of an automation measure, DAHO Tech Company searched for a new lifting solution to handle heavy steel plates during their production process. There were many challenges to be overcome such as the sheer weight and cumbersome dimensions of the steel plates, some of which measured up to 236" x 71" x 1".

DAHO designed and produced the steel construction of the vacuum crossbeam, but looked toward FIPA to provide support with system design, engineering, and supplying all vacuum components.

These components included oval suction cups, a vacuum pump, as well as valve and control technology. As the central component, the custom designed oval suction cups, measuring 31" x 16", ensured a high level of suction force while taking up little space.

Both the vacuum pump as well as the valve and control technology were mounted on the crossbeam. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to handle steel plates of various sizes. For smaller steel plates, any oval suction cups that are not needed are switched off. The plates are disconnected from the vacuum circuit by means of a manual valve.

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