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3D CNC Measuring Machine Offers Complete 3D Analysis of Tools and Parts

The WALTER HELICHECK 3D non-contact CNC measuring machine from UNITED GRINDING combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan then digitize cutting tools and production parts, creating 3D models that users can save, process, analyze and measure.

The machine's special 3D Tool Analyzer software allows users to lay vertical, horizontal and freely selectable cutting planes at any position on the 3D model. From there, the software automatically analyzes the planes and provides exact measurements of the model's parameters such as core diameter, rake angles and spiral pitch. Because the measurements are from the 3D model, users can work offline on a separate station.

The HELICHECK 3D machine also applies WALTER's new 3D Matcher software that allows users to overlay two 3D models within a graphical user interface and perform a color-coded comparison. After the "match" of both models, the user receives an instant evaluation of the quality of the products and any deviations from the desired values.

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