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New 19" CNC Control Display Monitor Provides Greater Visibility on Multitasking Machines

A large, 19" user-friendly display monitor is now standard on Okuma's MULTUS U3000/U4000 and the MU-6300V multitasking machines.

The sizable screen features a true color (32 bit) digital flat panel (1280x1024 60Hz), Intel® HD Graphics and operators can choose between full screen mode or expansion mode, which allows for greater visibility of THINC®-OSP CNC controls and data.The vertically-arranged function keys on the monitor can also be displayed or hidden by simply touching the screen.

In full screen mode operators see information that is customarily displayed on a smaller screen.

Expansion mode gives operators increased flexibility with more information at their fingertips and allows operators to see a conventional 15" screen display plus extra viewing space for apps, widgets and windows applications. Operators have the ability to position the additional viewing space to the left or right side of the conventional 15" screen information allowing them to view the easy operation run screen and available apps all on one display.

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