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"Super" Speedy, Accurate CNC Machining for Curved Surfaces

New Super-NURBS white paper from Okuma America explains how to produce faster tool paths, higher feed rates, and significantly reduced hand-finishing time on curved surfaces.

For those involved with CNC machining on curved surfaces, producing a smooth finish is critical. A new white paper from Okuma America Corporation details the company's Super-NURBS programming functionality that meets high-accuracy finish requirements while speeding up cycle times. The result is drastically reduced hand-finishing time to achieve high-quality parts quickly.

The term "NURBS" is an acronym for Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline, a mathematical way to regenerate freeform curves and shapes. Super-NURBS is Okuma's proprietary technology for achieving NURBS functionality within a CNC machining environment. Titled "Super-NURBS Cuts Curved Surfaces With High-Accuracy and Speedy Cycle Times -- Completing Parts on the Machine," the white paper examines topics such as:

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Okuma's Super-NURBS

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