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New Compact Encoder Ideal for Steel, Mining, and Heavy Equipment Industries

The new Leine & Linde model PSE 923 encoder is designed to meet the needs of the steel, mining, and heavy equipment industries. Its compact size offers superior performance and makes it practical for a wider variety of applications.

The foundation of the 900 encoder series is a solid aluminum housing incorporating bearings that are twice the size of competitive designs. The optimized housing design is in some cases less than one third the size and weight of competing products, without compromising resistance to potentially destructive environmental conditions. The dual bearing sets within the PSE 923 Duo-encoder set the standard for heavy-duty applications where shock, vibration and shaft loads are extreme.

Coupled with the compact and robust mechanical design is Leine & Linde's state-of-the-art inductive measurement technology with advanced signal processing. Using inductive measurement technologies, significantly higher resolution and accuracy are achieved compared to magnetic technologies.

The composite code wheel also means there are no glass disks to break. In keeping with Leine & Linde's focus on extreme durability, the multi-turn absolute position is implemented without mechanical gearing and no external power is needed to retain the absolute position values. The result is a robust construction without sacrificing performance.

The PSE 923 Duo can provide absolute rotary position values with up to 19 bits single-turn and 12 bits turn-counting, for a 31 bit measurement capability. Incremental outputs are available in any resolution up to 32768 ppr (215).

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