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State-of-the-Art DNC System Streamlines Data Management for Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer

Software provides highly-managed environment by streamlining CAM data workflows and bringing bilateral NC data communication to the shop floor.

Hyla Soft recently completed the rolling out of a state-of-the-art DNC system at the flagship manufacturing center of a major Oilfield Services company. As Siemens Teamcenter® users, the employees at this shop were accustomed to managing product design data in their PLM system. However, their manufacturing data, including CAM files and NC Programs, had no centralized location.

The manufacturer uses a CNC machine to produce tools used for oilfield commissioning and extraction.



The manufacturer decided to manage its CAM data -- including set up sheets, cutting simulation movies, and NC programs -- in Teamcenter®, and implement Shop Floor Connect, the Siemens DNC solution, to transfer NC data directly from Teamcenter® to its CNC machines.

As an Oilfield Services provider, this plant produces many of the tools used for oilfield commissioning and extraction, such as drilling, evaluation, and safety equipment. With a wide variety of component families to produce, CNC machining is an essential piece of its manufacturing capabilities.


Always looking to strengthen its production processes, this Oilfield Services manufacturer went to Hyla Soft having identified areas for improvement in the CNC machining aspect of its manufacturing group.

Offshore Oil Rig



Before the DNC system, NC programs were located only on the machines on which they ran. Each machine operator maintained personal knowledge of what each program was, but often no naming conventions were assigned to these programs.

Finally, there was usually no backup of NC programs; the risk was that if a program was lost, so was the knowledge of how to machine that part. CAM engineers often found themselves losing a lot of time and effort trying to manage existing programs, as well as transferring new programs and program revisions to the machines.

Oilfield Evaluation Equipment



DNC System Rollout

Hyla Soft acted as the system integrator, delivering all phases of the project. In collaboration with the client's CAM engineering and PLM teams, Hyla Soft helped define the new standards for managing NC Programs with revision control and release statuses. These new standards were designed to meet the requirements of all project stakeholders, including Corporate, PLM, and manufacturing groups.

Hyla Soft then configured the DNC system according to the developed solution specifications. After validating the solution on pre-production servers, Hyla Soft connected each CNC machine on the shop floor to the new DNC system, now deployed on their production environment.

With the Hyla Soft system, machinists can instantly access the programs they need to produce parts like this oil drill bit.



At each stage of the process, Hyla Soft involved the client's personnel who would be responsible for supporting the system after go-live. The client's support personnel accompanied Hyla Soft consultants in connecting CNC machines to the system, preparing them to take ownership of their new DNC network.


After go-live of the system, CAM engineers started populating Teamcenter® with newly created programs and new revisions of existing programs. Machinists could then instantly access the programs they needed without time-consuming manual transfer of tape files.

Hyla Soft specializes in end-to-end technology solutions to improve productivity and efficiency in all types of manufacturing operations, including oilfield operations.



The manufacturing group also started the process of uploading NC programs residing on the CNC machines into Teamcenter®. Each program can now be cataloged and revision controlled, in a highly managed and backed-up environment.

The result is a more streamlined and standardized process for CAM data management. Instead of "tribal knowledge," NC programs are fully organized and revision controlled. Machinists use Shop Floor Connect to access the latest program revision for instant transfer to the CNC machine.

With effective DNC, machining has become a stronger capability for this Oilfield Services manufacturer.

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