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Now Get Instant Text Alerts from Okuma CNC Machines Anywhere, Anytime

Manufacturing software and systems developer GO-Code has developed an A2P (Application-to-person) messaging system that enables Okuma machine owners to receive text alerts from their CNC machine tools directly to their smart phones.

Using SMS technology and Internet access, GO-TextAlert allows multiple phone numbers to receive trouble alarms, status codes and customized data. The software's many benefits include:

24/7 monitoring of machine tool activity that is especially helpful for unattended and lights-out operations.

Information automatically comes to the user. Eliminates the need to check on machine activity or being unaware that a machine is standing idle or experiencing problems.

Alerts come to the users wherever they are. The system pushes the alerts directly to all designated mobile phones, wherever there is coverage.

Quick and easy setup. Users simply enter the multiple phone numbers they want to receive alerts.

GO-TextAlert is a proprietary software license connected to a specific Okuma CNC machine serial number. Capabilities may vary depending on the Okuma control version in use.

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