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Assemble Your Own Waterjet

WARDJet has introduced the WARDKit Series of waterjets. According to the company, this is the first time a manufacturer has offered a top-of-the-line system in kit form. WARDKit owners are promised the same quality, engineering and design of a WARDJet Emerald Series waterjet in an easy-to-assemble kit for 40 percent lower cost.

From tank design and manufacturing down to the cutting head, there are very few differences. In fact, with WARDKit even the control software included is identical to all of WARDJet's high-end systems. This same software is used to run the large format combination 5-Axis waterjet and mill currently installed at an aerospace research facility in the United Kingdom.

The WARDKit is manufactured entirely in America and available in 5x5, 5x10, and 2x2 sizes. A commitment-free assembly training course is offered. The WARDKit includes everything necessary to start waterjet cutting, such as the tank, cutting head, grates, intensifier pump, and human machine interface.

Upgrades and options on pump horsepower, controller style, and abrasive delivery system are also available.

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