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Innovative ToolScope Device Monitors and Optimizes CNC After Just a Few Parts

KOMET has introduced BRINKHAUS ToolScope for a GROB G350 machine.

The ToolScope is an innovative device that connects directly to the CNC machine, detecting, recording, and analyzing data from machine runs to find the peak running parameters for machining operations.

The ToolScope can learn and identify the optimum tolerance bands for a process after running just a few parts.

However, this is not just a device for monitoring; it can be used to actively adjust and optimize processes as well. It has an AC module that will reduce the speed of tools that are overused, and increase the speed of tools that are underused or when air cuts are detected.

It also detects even slight production variations or disturbances in a process, such as cavities in a material, and does so well in advance of tool breakage. This could translate into significant savings in tooling and reduction in scrap rate.

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