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New Deep Hole Drill Capable of Producing Perfect Holes

Sandvik Coromant is now launching a powerful deep hole machining concept for the STS system -- CoroDrill® 808. Among its many features, this product is equipped with optimized pad design for good hole finish, unique edge preparation for increased chip breaking and a reinforced periphery insert corner for added security and reliability. Suitable for diameters from 15.60 to 65.00 mm (0.614 -- 2.559 inch) and tolerance demands of IT 9, CoroDrill 808 is capable of producing perfect holes, regardless of the component material.

First Choice for Close Tolerance Holes

Being the first choice for close tolerance holes, CoroDrill 808 is perfectly suited for the energy segment, for example, when machining in heat exchanger plates. Cladded materials such as low carbon steel with Inconel, used for these types of applications, are difficult to machine due to tricky chip-breaking and tool life maintenance. Thanks to a specially designed geometry and grade technology, CoroDrill 808 produces superior close tolerance holes even in the toughest conditions. In addition, this drill is available as a stock standard item with 24 hour delivery.

Intelligent Tool

CoroDrill 808 premium drills are equipped with a fully traceable dot matrix. It is a two-dimensional patterned array, used for storage and display of various types of information such as measurement protocol. Such protocol includes data on diameter and run out of the drill, making dot matrix a very safe tool for product identification and traceability.

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